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shhh.....somebody's coming....

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May 24th, 2006

05:23 am - songs which are amazing
jeffrey lewis- alphabet
jeffrey lewis- don't be upset
the the- this is the day
charlie don't surf- the clash

i hate the way it's this light this early

"don't be upset it's only an octopus..." ah yes
Current Mood: contentsoothed

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September 19th, 2005

10:22 pm - aw man
i just had a conversation on msn with my little cousin dan:

hows that for a slice of fried gold? says: (10:15:33 pm)
   you have to make me another cd for my birthday this year....the last one you made me got fucked up in india...

capital G monkey says: (10:15:57 pm)
   dont worry

capital G monkey says: (10:16:00 pm)
   im sure it was crap

capital G monkey says: (10:16:05 pm)
   il make a good 1

capital G monkey says: (10:16:10 pm)
   whens ur bday>

capital G monkey says: (10:16:11 pm)

capital G monkey says: (10:16:17 pm)
   an how old r u>

hows that for a slice of fried gold? says: (10:16:27 pm)
   8th of november so you've got a while

hows that for a slice of fried gold? says: (10:16:33 pm)
   i'm going to be...

hows that for a slice of fried gold? says: (10:16:34 pm)
capital G monkey says: (10:17:06 pm)

capital G monkey says: (10:17:08 pm)

capital G monkey says: (10:17:10 pm)

capital G monkey says: (10:17:20 pm)
   i fort oh well maybe shel be 18

capital G monkey says: (10:17:26 pm)
   maybe 19

capital G monkey says: (10:17:30 pm)
   fuckin 20!

capital G monkey says: (10:17:33 pm)

yep, well, he really helped me come to terms with that little milestone....

in other news....Saturday was a wonderful day...me, charlie, hazel, anna, bryony, joe and rosali got a bus out to the countryside to sit on a hill and get stoned.....we then returned to hazel's house where we made amazing hot chocolate..... king size mars bars, galaxy bars, soya milk, whiskey and hash and a lot of squirty cream on top :) mmmmm we proceeded to watch shaun of the dead and smoke some more. Then me and charlie departed on a mission to Jack's house...which turned out to be the best house in the world, they are all just allowed to PAINT on their walls- they have a BASEMENT, with the walls covered in amazing graffitti, fairy lights, sofas, a drum kit, keyboard, bass and guitar, decks- so many people who all looked cool (most of them had dredlocks) and were all mashed on mdma....ketamine....nitrous oxide..... it was damn good.

it's my last day of work tomorrow! yay! and uni starts on saturday! yayayayay!

oh yeah...and i have nits. or should i say CHARLIE GAVE me nits...yes...yes i should.....

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July 20th, 2005

12:50 pm
im going home the day after tomorrow.

Current Mood: restlessrestless

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June 24th, 2005

05:36 pm - ooh
so I'm off to Kashmir with Patrick tomorrow, so tonight is my last night here. It's only just sunk in and i've started getting all emotional :( I LOVE THIS PLACE, and i'm going to miss it so much! It's my second home! I love the cafes and the people and the nuns and the hippies and the chillum smoking isralis and the waterfall and the shiva cafe and my little nunnery room and I may never see it again for years and years! :(

Feels good to be moving to somewhere new though I suppose...mmm houseboat in Kashmir.....

In other news, I have a tattoooo! Its on the bottom of my back and it's a flower design thing. Its so pretty :) it was the most painful thing I have ever experienced! owwwwww. Only took about 40mins though.

I cant believe I might be back in brighton in 4 weekends time! aaaaahhhhhhhh!
Current Mood: nostalgicnostalgic

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June 21st, 2005

11:00 am - A little story about Bart..
Bart is a crazy Dutch guy (I'm starting to realise that many Dutch people are quite crazy) who the London boys met in Goa and then randomly bumped into last week. He came here from Manali, which involved a 10hour coach ride, and occasionally there are drugs raids on the coaches. Because of this, he decided some stashing of drugs was needed. For some reason he decided the best thing to do was carry the 30 acid tabs in his pocket, and swallow the 30g of hash he had in a condom, and wait for it to come out the other end. He waited a week, then a few days ago....a condom...empty.
The boy consumed 30g of hash (that's over an ounce ladies and gentlemen..) without dying, puking, or even falling over much. He even managed to go raving, get drunk a few times and do some acid.

When he came out of the toilet and announced an emplty condom I actually could havelaughed for a month.

round of applause for Bart.

what a guy
Current Mood: amusedamused

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10:54 am - jugs of drugs
So the London boys have been here for 3 weeks now! eep! It has flown by in a swirl of staying up late and intoxicating myself far more than I should. They like their prescription drugs...and their normal drugs...and drugs. Yet they remain incredibly nice and funny and well-rounded, almost WHOLESOME.....except for the large quantities of drugs.

Let me begin with the weekend before last. I had been practically living at their place in Bhagsu, but because there was 8 of them at their peak (they are a large group so various numbers of them have been arriving and leaving at various times) me and Patrick hadn't seen each other much on our own, so we decided it was time to hit country. Above Bhagsu is this little place called Dharamkot, a really cute rustic indian place, really quiet and pretty, so we made tracks....It was actually too good. We stayed in a separate house thing that was part of a farm, our own room with balcony and view...plus a really cute baby cow that lived outside, some small children wobbling around, and a baby bunny living at the farm next door! Oh yes. We went for wanders, got stoned in nice cafes with nice viws, oh it was TOO GOOD. On monday we spent the entire day hanging out in "The Hive" which is the guesthouse the drum party happens at. We chatted to random people, ate banoffee pie and smoked chillums, and I painted a big butterfly on the wall of the cafe seating area thing, it was nice. Fuck it was too nice. How can life be that easy??

So we arived back to Bhagsu refreshed and rejuvinated in time for some more intoxication and staying up late, which we did a lot of, then....

Thursday was "Trancefornations" it was a MASSIVE rave that was supposed to last 30 hours in a 5star hotel on the outskirts of Dharamsala. It had been being planned for 1 year, and apparently everyone from here to Delhi was there- 2000 people. We started off the evening with a few spliffs and some drinking, then we headed up to the party at about 9pm. We were slightly concerned by the presence of men with guns on the gate, so I ended up walking into the party with all the drugs in my bra, thats 2.5g MDMA, 20g Hash and 9 acid tabs, the boys seemed to really like the combination of drugs + breasts and kept referring to jugs of drugs and giggling.The party was already in full flow when we arrived, the HUUUGE swimming pool was emptied out and used as the dancefloor, with amazing strobe lighting that made spots appear wherever you looked. I did a few lines of MDMA, came up in the chill out tent with a spliff, and hit the dancefloor with the London boys, then I also bumped into Joey, Rich and Rory who were the boys I went to Manali with who had come back and were also on MDMA. Gave Dennis his first class A. At about 3am I went off for a line and an explore, when this girl came up to me and asked what my name was. Turned out It was a girl I used to be best friends with, who I haven't seen for about 10 years! So that was a bit insane, and I went off and talked to her for a while but I was all mashed and i think I ended up scaring her quite a lot. At about 5am me, Patrick who was on MDMA, Jack, Sada (japanese guy who is insane and ALWAYS tripping,)Bart (more about him later) who were on acid, Nick, Nick and Jake who were on varying combinations of booze, weed and mdma all decided to explore and found a roof we liked. We stayed there for a while, and watched the sun come up over the mountains and paddyfields, dicussed the meaning of life and soothed our comedowns with copius amounts of hash. At about 10am me and Patrick popped some valium and passed out in a field. We woke up at about 3pm and went back to find the music off. An Israli told us the rave was over- the indian police wanted more money and shut it down when they didn't get enough. Bastards. We heard someone calling from a balcony and headed up to find all our crew chilling in one of the lovely hotel rooms that belonged to 2 nice Irish ladies. We did some more MDMA and drank Gin. At about 6pm we headed back to the guesthouse, where we drank way more gin, and took some Codine. Me and Patrick passed out at about 5am the next morning. Sleep was so good. Itwas a damn good party.

So now.........I'm bored. I can't be bothered to teach anymore, so I'm going to go somewhere. Most of the london crew have evaporated to Thailand or Ladak, Jack is still here and going to Ladak with Bart and wants Patrick to come. Patrick wants me to come to a tiger reserve with him tomorrow, but I can't leave that soon. Maybe he will wait and we'll do something together. Maybe I will go down south and hook up with Pippa and Penny, my 2 favourite GAPPers, maybe, and you'll like this one, I'm going to move my flight to late July.....

So I have to go, I have a lesson in 20mins, today they have a grammer test so I just sit there reading the heat magazine my mum sent me.(Got a big box of stuff from my mummy :) oh the hair products......the tampons!!) Just enough time for a little story about Bart...
Current Mood: relaxedrelaxed

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June 6th, 2005

05:24 pm - antics
So after the Manali antics I came back expecting things to quieten down. However, monday evening I wandered into the bar to find the English boys from Manali! consisting of Patric, Nick-o, Nick-w, and Jacob, of whom Jake and Patric are going to sussex, Nick-w's going to Brighton :) HOME-BASED. We stayed up late and drank rum.

Next day (Tuesday) I taught (ugh hangover teaching) met up with Patric at 2pm to show him the waterfall, which was a nice way to spend a hangover-smoking spliffs and kissing by a waterfall on a sunny day.yummy. So I spent an enjoyable day with him doing nothing very much.

Wednesday was a PRODUCTIVE DAY. I cleaned myself, my clothes, my room, and even my shoes (still muddy from the manali rave.) Hungout in moonpeak with Tashi and Lobsang.

Thursday I went up to the boy's guesthouse at Bhagsu and hung out with them again- in the evening we bought whiskey and went to "circling dawn," a bhagsu amsterdam-style cafe for drinks and chillums and general lighthearted merrymaking.

Friday. Oh my. We *ahem* spent most of the day in bed..in the evening we emerged and met the others in another bhagsu amsterdam style cafe. It was such a warm evening-pure summer. We drank a lot of whiskey, after we were all pretty drunk we played 4 kings (at my request-why do I keep doing this to myself) Patric got the "make a rule" card so he 3/4 filled a glass with whiskey and said the next forfeit was to drink it.....lucky me..
So at about 11pm we stumbled up a rocky path to a drum jam session we had heard about, when we arrived I could have screamed! (Infact I think I probably did.) About 10 drummers all making the most incredible music on a balcony of a guesthouse. The entire guesthouse was PACKED with people drinking smoking and DANCING! me and the boys headed straight for the dancefloor and danced for hours, dancing with everyone, sharing drinks and spliffs with the entire dancefloor of crazy hippy-types- fucking amazing!
By the end of the evening I had broken my new flip-flops, fallen headfirst into a patch of nettles and had to walk home barefoot and stinging, but it was still the most amazing night.

Saturday and sunday-predictably English boys, mashed etc.


Jenny's playing at the open mic night tonight! Also, Alex and Thomas 2 other Gappers from S.India have come to see up, which is nice

snapfish, snapfish,NEW PHOTOS!
Current Mood: lazylazy

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June 2nd, 2005

08:11 pm - boy
he's hot

i'll go into specifics soon
Current Mood: flirtyflirty

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May 17th, 2005

I'm on holiday this week! yeeas! The nuns are doing some no eating no talking special Puja thing in the main temple.

Some memorable days:

One day (I have to say that because I couldn't tell you exactly when it was...) me, Rachel and Dennis all headed up to the Shiva cafe. Rachel has definitely grown on me, she's totally insane, but it's quite funny. We stopped on the way to pick up a half of hash, and a pink sparkly childrens hat. It is now the hat of cool and the gang (i'm cool, and they're the gang) (I actually didn't come up with that) So we spent the day smoking and chatting and doing a lot of giggling. When we got back to town we headed for the bar and decided it was our mission to smoke ALL the hash in one day. After the bar we went to a party and finished our mission, then we went home and passed out.

On sunday we went to the bar, and met a million lovely people and played some drinking games and "i have never" in which we met THE LEGEND- The man had lost his virginity in a threesome when he was 13!! AND he'd had sex in a car, a lift, a toilet, and pretty much anywhere else you can imagine. Bloody amazing. See "the adventures of the hat" at www.snapfish.com for photos of the lovely people in the pink sparkly hat (no photos of the legend as yet.) Then we went to another party and.. uh.. partied. Pii can play blister in the sun by the violent femmes so we danced, I had fights with both Amanda and Rachel (only for fun of course..) Me and Rachel insulted some boys big hair.

On Monday we went to the bar, met 2 English guys and 2 American girls. After the bar we had planned on going home but we walked past a cake shop...Rachel wanted cake, I wanted cake, we wanted every single cake. So we did! We bought EVERY CAKE IN THE SHOP! one of EVERY SINGLE CAKE! 3 boxes worth! It was a lot of cake, so we had to go back to the green hotel, find where the boys lived and eat the cake with them and the American girls, who were very drunk and kept falling over, we still didn't finish it all.

Last night we went to Khana Nirvana, a lovely high-up cafe with great views of the sunset for the open mic night, which was really good. Pii runs it and Amanda performed, as well as many other talented poeple, the atmoshphere was so friendly- no-one was being bitchy and judgemental and everyone was just supporting whoever got up to perform, it was lovely. (Predictably, as he is a LEGEND, the legend was the best performer by far.) After that we went to the bar, met a Scottish bloke and 7 English blokes who were nice, so we took them along to another party at freedom palace. Lots of lovely people, music, spliffs and beer. I found a calender of BRIGHTON (the guy who owns Freedom Palace used to live in Worthing) and used it as a prop to explain to 3 bermused English blokes exactly WHY it was the best place on the planet. We played buck-a rachel when she fell asleep. It was good.

I am spending too much money on booze and hash. The detox plan is right out the window.

I wish I could bring you to the parties!
I've been here 3 months today! HALFWAY!

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May 11th, 2005

04:54 pm
It was really skanky and stormy for a while (still pretty warm though) so we didn't do much. Recently it's sunny and hot again although we're still not doing much! Dennis has decided he can't be bothered with being sober anymore, so he's happily letting me turn him into a stoner. The past few days I've been doing a lot of hangingout on the roof of mcllo's bar, which is usually pretty empty, smoking hash and drinking beer (my beer drinking skills are coming on splendidly) talking to Bedi and Dennis. Bedi is the coolest waiter ever- he's indian but his English is really good and he's so funny. He's always on duty on the roof and he lets me smoke hash and he plays any CD I want (todays choices were "a cd for jojo" from ella, Kid Loco and Dawn to Dusk by the Smashing Pumpkins) and he's generally a pretty good bloke. He's totally in love with Rachel (one of the gappers who was here before us, when John was) but she's a bit weird,they used to go out she freaked out because he hadn't told her about some Australian girlfriend he had, and so now she hates him, although she blatently loves the attention. Last night in the bar they were passing notes to each other like schoolkids it was so funny! It's weird, he was telling us today that his parents say he only has 6 months to find a wife himself, or they're going to arrange a marriage for him...crazy business. We had to be like "uh, I don't think Rachel's going to marry you Bedi, she's 18...."

Last night when I got home I found an amazing packet of wonderfullness from Verity shoved under my door! Beautiful butterfly hairclips and shoelaces, and a winny the pooh plaster and MAYONNAISE IN PINK BAGGIES <3 it was so beautiful :) I love verity! x x x x

Teaching is going well, from my point of view at least... recent lessons have included giving them some sweets and old copies of hello magazine to read (very educational) they were a bit shocked at the pictures of Jordan, I had to explain about boob jobs... For another lesson only my 2 favourites showed up so we went to one of their rooms and looked at photos and ate apricots. It was fun.

I'm eating so much food here! I'm sat there at lunch with a big bowl of rice and Dahl and they just come up and go "teacher lah- more rice? some vegetables? some momos?" and dump it all on my plate, and then tell me off if I don't eat it all!

ooh this is a good one-Rebecca has been teaching a monk English, and one thing led to another and now they're shagging! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Imagine being able to say you lost your virginity to a Tibetan Buddhist monk in India, it's pretty cool.

I hear Danielle shagged Ben from Hollyoaks? WHATATATATATAT?

Good work dear ;)


Current Mood: highhash is well cheap here

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